This family history was started with the idea of leaving for my children a record of their ancestors, back to the Pioneer James Mackall, who came to Maryland about l655, but it eventually took in a great many more people than my own family.

On this work I have had the help of various members of the family, as in the past some had made an effort to gather information on their own branches, but eventually gave it up and I have had the benefit it of all of it.

The first real help that I received as from the late Douglass S Mackall of Langley, Va., he furnished me with a starting point and a vast amount of encouragement. I have used data from every known genealogist, church registrys, public librarys, including the Bishops Library, in Baltimore, the Hall of Records and the Archivists office in the same city and The Maryland Historical Society also church yards and old family bibles.

Several years ago my brother Kenneth Walker Mackall of Cicero, N.Y., furnished me with copies of about twenty wills of the early Mackalls, which were of great help, in checking up my work, it could not have been bought to this state of completion without them.

Kenneth W Mackall has spent over thirty years on this work and has recently published it in book form, copies of it will eventually be on file at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, Md., also in the D.A.R. Library in Washington, D.C., and the Carnegie Library, East Liverpool, Ohio. My work has been checked with his and his against mine and in the main I believe that they are very accurate, in any work of this kind, there are bound to be some errors, but if any are here, "I feel that they are very few".

Practically everything in this history is supported by some recognized authority, there are several instances in which I say that "I think such is the fact, the record that I have then used is the most plausible one, but is not supported by in- disputable evidence.

Here is a funny thing about my research, my brother had gone over the same grounds and contacted a great many of the family that I later on contacted and I had no idea until about five years ago, that he was working on the same thing, the reason being, that I had neither seen or heard from him since his school days, over thirty years before and it was surprising how closely our works agreed, as we had worked from entirely different angles. My research stopped in l94O, as I then felt that I had accomplished all that I had started out to do. There are a few exceptions to this as I have kept in contact with some of the family, so their lines have been brought upto-date (l945).

What really started me on this, was that a very distant connection wrote me for information concerning some of her ancestors. I could be of no help to her, as I knew very little about my own, beyond my Great Grandparents, that determined me to find out all that I possibly could about them, the result being that the more that I found out, the more I wanted to know. It looked, at the start, to be an almost hopeless undertaking. Information furnished by some people would not square with some proven facts and to make it more puzzling was the continued use of the names of John, James, Benjamin and Mary. At one time there were six Benjamin Mackalls living at the same time, all in Calvert Co., and the same applied to the other three names. The early Mackalls without an exception all used those names and as at that time no middle names were is use, it would have been practically impossible to be sure of anything without the wills to check them with.

The various marriages have been checked, where possible, with the families that they intermarried with.

This record as far as my family is concerned has been accepted by both the D.A.R. and the S.A.R. and I believe that every living Mackall is eligible to membership in either of them.

Louis C. Mackall, A Short History the Mackall Family,1946

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